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The Appalachian Mountain chain is a vast system running from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, 1500 miles south-westward to central Alabama in the United States. The Southern Appalachian Mountain region, comprised mainly of the Blue Ridge Mountain Complex and its associated mountain ranges (such as the Great Smoky Mountains, Roan Highlands, etc.), contains the highest peaks of the chain and the most peaks over 6000 feet. South of the Blue Ridge the Southern Appalachians gradually diminish, with Mt. Cheaha (Alabama) being the last significant peak to the south.

This region is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country and is the focus of the nature photography on this website. From the endangered Gray's Lily of the Roan Highlands (Tennessee and North Carolina) to the odd and equally endangered "Dismalites" of Dismals Canyon (Alabama), this region is one of incredible diversity and natural beauty. The photo galleries below present the nature photography of Jeff White divided into three categories for easy browsing.


Landscapes / Wildlife


Macro / Abstract


In the photo galleries below, you'll find a little bit of everything, from nature photography of other regions of North America to miscellaneous photos that really don't fit well into any other category.


Nature Photography - Other Locations




Coming Soon - Panoramics!

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